Lawn Sprinkler Inspection


I will check this system by starting at the control panel for its condition and functionality.  Then I will turn on manually each station to see if they turn on.  I am looking for broken sprayer heads,  condition of zone station boxes, condition of  the back-flow valve, exposed wiring and water pressure.

Swimming Pool Inspections


I will start the inspection by looking at the condition of the pool equipment and electrical wiring and surrounding outer area of the pool.  Then I will inspect the pool itself along with any safety issues.

Termite Inspections

I perform

I will perform a termite inspection at no additional charge.  But if the official report is required by the buyer or lender,  or if I find live termites, then an additional fee will be collected.

Septic Systems


I can perform septic system inspections.  There are two basic types of on-site wastewater treatment equipment:  The conventional gravity-fed system and the aerobic treatment system.

Indoor Air Quality


I can inspect conditions inside the house that will affect your family's health.  The inspection primarily focuses on plumbing issues and a/c issues.

Foundation Slab Elevations


I have been trained by two engineers on how to take foundation slab elevation measurement to assess its stability.  This specialty level will determine how "level" the entire foundation is with great accuracy.   This extra inspection step goes further than just a visual inspection.